When you buy a stock or an index, you have the right to receive dividends. This is no different at BUX. Dividends are processed through a value adjustment of your account (basically, added to or subtracted from your cash).

What this adjustment looks like is dependent on the size and direction of you trade:

  • when you hold a LONG position (arrow 'UP'), the dividend you are entitled to will be added to your account;
  • when you hold a SHORT position (arrow 'DOWN'), the dividend will show as a negative correction (it will be subtracted from your cash). 

The amount of dividend that you will receive or pay is dependent on the size of your trade: the larger the trade, the bigger the cash adjustment. 

You will only receive or pay dividend if you hold an open position at market close the day before the ex-dividend date. Just after market close, the dividends are automatically processed with the Cash balance in your portfolio. 

The amount will appear in your History > Other in your Cash screen. Also, you will see how much divided you received or paid in the detail screen of an open or closed position

For more info about how much dividend BUX pays out/charges, look here.  

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