BUX gives you the option of setting your own Stop Loss Order so that you control the value of your investment and can ensure that it doesn't drop below a certain level. This way, you can minimize the risk on each investment without constantly monitoring all your investments.

To enable the Stop Loss order, go to your portfolio overview (the green screen), and click on the investment for which you would like to set the order. In the overview, you'll see the possibility to set an Alert or set an Auto-Close order. By choosing the Auto-Close order, you can set a limit where your position will be automatically closed.


Though most Stop Loss orders are normally processed at the requested limit, it's important to remember that a Stop Loss order is not always guaranteed to be executed at your pre-defined limit. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.  About this, take a look also at this page: Why is the lower limit of the Auto Close not always guaranteed?